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       Liaoning Xinshuo Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinshuo intelligent) was established in 2016, located in xidayingzi Town, Longcheng District, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. It is a professional intelligent machinery manufacturing company integrating intelligent machinery design, manufacturing, sales and installation. Xinshuo intelligent is committed to promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional labor-intensive enterprises to automatic and intelligent production. It takes accelerating the integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing industry as the main line, takes promoting intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, deeply integrates with industry through Internet, and independently develops intelligent products to meet the actual production needs of enterprises based on traditional industries, so as to improve the technology of traditional enterprises In order to solve the outstanding problems of backward technology, more labor and high production cost, this paper proposes a complete set of automation and intelligent solutions to realize automatic production, reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency, help traditional enterprises to sort out and reform, and build an intelligent enterprise with international competitiveness.


       Xinshuo intelligent main products include industrial palletizing robot, medical purification plate industrial palletizing robot, benzene plate automatic feeding robot, composite plate self tightening shaft core and other intelligent products, and has obtained more than 10 national invention patents. Mainly for the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta customer groups, sales network all over the country. It is the first and only company in China to independently develop industrial palletizing robot equipment in the field of color steel clad plate.


       Xinshuo intelligent industrial robot according to the industry process standards, combined with the actual needs of the market, according to the special requirements of customers, private customization, product performance is reliable, high practicability, actively respond to the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, energy consumption 2-4kw industry is the lowest, promote the green and healthy development of the industry, help traditional enterprise intelligent upgrading and transformation.


Xinshuo intelligent has a professional R & D team, fine management team, excellent sales team and perfect after-sales team. In the past three years, the output of Xinshuo intelligent equipment has increased from dozens to hundreds. In line with the iterative production mode, through repeated practice and accumulation of experience, Xinshuo intelligent continues to make breakthroughs in technology and realize innovation, and finally gets consistent praise and high recognition from customers.


       At present, there are more than 20 technicians in Xinshuo's intelligent R & D team. In terms of talent training, in line with the echelon training scheme and combined with the higher talents of colleges and universities, the component engineering R & D center will expand the R & D team to about 100 people in the next two years, and spend 20% of the annual turnover as R & D funds to form a transformation base with scientific research as the leader and the enterprise as the achievements. Our business purpose: customers point out the subject, we re research and development, re transformation, this is our advantage.


       In the next three years, with the support of brand strategy, refined management strategy, technological innovation and personnel training strategy, information strategy and multi-channel sales strategy, Xinshuo will seize the opportunity of "made in China 2025" plan, form a nationwide sales network, devote itself to the development of foreign markets, and strive to realize the rejuvenation dream of national brand enterprises as soon as possible.

Address: No. 606, section 5, Zhongshan street, Longcheng District, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province
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