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Two in a row! Large scale tile palletizer and purification plate palletizer have been successfully delivered


On November 22, orders for two color steel palletizers were delivered to customers. In the morning, the customized 12m large-scale tile palletizer was sent to Jieyang, Guangdong. In the afternoon, the automatic palletizer for purification board was sent to Wuhan, Hubei. Thank you for your recognition of Xinshuo intelligent! At the same time, we will arrange technicians to come to the site to provide installation and debugging services to ensure the stable, safe and reliable operation of the equipment. Over the years, Xinshuo intelligent always adheres to the enterprise culture of "harmony, integrity, dedication and innovation", adheres to the enterprise tenet of "customer first, reputation win, excellent quality and service quality", focuses on the field of industrial automation, takes creating industrial non-standard automation equipment suitable for the actual needs of customers as its own responsibility, and is committed to promoting the traditional labor-intensive small and medium-sized enterprises to become intelligent enterprises Manufacturing upgrading and transformation, help traditional industries reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, increase market competitiveness!

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